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personal weight loss blog
I started in April 2014 and the after pics are from August 2014. height: 5’2” sw: 128.8 lb cw: 115.5 lb gw: ~105 lb but most importantly happy and healthy! 
workout buddy!

today, I’m actually going to work out. my really good friend, Abby will come soon and we’ll do a workout from T25 Focus! Before she’ll come, I’m going to do the penguin arm workout because I wanted to do that today! I hope having a workout buddy (exclusively on Thursdays since I have no classes) it will mo-tea-vate me to do more workouts! Today I’ve been semi-healthy today by my big breakfast. I had cereal, yogurt, and an english muffin. For lunch/snack I had peanuts with dark chocolate chips (well at least that’s better than milk chocolate) I’ve been eating a lot. hmm I gotta really work on that, but I’ve been drinking water!

ok! gonna do the penguin workout now!

I supposed to work out today but I feel kinda sick :/

new goal!

yes! I have a new weight loss goal! I call it: Freshman 15! HAHAH

You know how you gain 15 lbs during your freshman year of college? Well, I’m going to LOSE FIFTEEN POUNDS INSTEAD.

let’s do this, LEGO!

I really need to hop back on and start working out consistently again. I don’t even remember the last time I worked out.

tbh first thing I think of when I wake up to trying to lose weight but at the end of the day, I don’t even attempt to do it because I’m just tired (excuses) and lazy (excuses) to do anything. Is it really the summer laziness mentality?

By the end of September or maybe mid-October, I should be around 112. I really need to get my motivation in place if I really want this.