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It’s in the struggle where change actually happens. Don’t give up. Ever.
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what’s so great about tea?

so why is my username: mo-tea-vation? well, it’s mainly because of the health benefits of drinking tea! (and maybe also a play on words of “more tea” - vation hahahah)

Welllllllll, tea actually plays a great roll to the body not only because it tastes good, but also because it also helps with weight loss too!

benefits of drinking tea:

> hydrating to the body

> plentiful source of vitamin K

> boost exercise endurance

> helps with metabolism

> full of anti-oxidants

> contains anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects

maybe I’ll make a scientific blog post some time later

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about me

name: felissa maria

age: 18

ethnicity: Filipino

height: 5 feet 0.25 inces // 153 centimeters

initial weight: 115 pounds // 52 kilograms

goal weight: 100 pounds // 45 kilograms


I hope to physically be more fit and active with healthy food choices, and mentally become more strong willed and determined to reach my goal!


^ that’s me!

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